Professor 2.0

I was approached by a tenured professor at a top university with questions about how to establish a coherent, useful presence in an increasingly social world. Which sites are best? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Many questions can be thought of while trying to figure out the ever-increasing list of social networks a researcher could potentially use to disseminate ideas and interest. I do not propose that I am a guru in this arena, but I do have some knowledge and some success. Here, I will give some tips, tricks, and opinions on how to navigate through the networks and help any who will listen become a Professor 2.0.

Helpful sites and articles on how scientists can use social media

A Scientific Guide To Maximizing Your Impact On Twitter, Facebook, And Other Digital Media

Written by Belle Beth Cooper, this Fast Company article is a geek’s dream. She gives data for various social media sites about how to maximize the impact by optimizing when you submit your input.

The A to Z of Social Media for Academia

Andy Miah has developed a working glossary for many social websites with a little bit about each.

An Introduction to Social Media for Scientists

An excellent PLoS article written by Holly Bik and Miriam Goldstein which can be used as a primer for scientists to social media. A must read.

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