The Current State of Abstracts 2.0

It has been almost two weeks since the launch of Abstracts 2.0. I thought I would give a short status report on how things are going over there. The site launched with a lot of excitement going through various Google Plus communities on the general concept of the site. I think we all feel making current scientific and technical research more accessible to the general public is a good thing. It is only through a better understanding that people can make more logical decisions about the world around them. Including myself, four people have contributed nine submissions to the website. These have attracted almost 1,600 views. I think this is a great start. 

I was honored when contacted by Kathleen Raven (@sci2mrow) about a session she was facilitating at last weekend’s Science Online Together 2014. The topic was how to create a resource that the science (and science writing) community could develop to provide the general public at large a basic source for current science research. I think many great suggestions came from this session, and a summary will be posted soon. 

I’ve been asked why I want to ‘dumb down’ research. Would I not lose some of the meaning found within the research? My answer is simple: I refuse to ‘dumb down’ anything. Many can agree many professional fields have their own jargon and overall language. My job as someone trained in a scientific discipline is to translate this language to the general language of society (some derivation of english in the U.S.). I do not simplify, make simplistic (apparently these are different to some people), or dumb down the language. I merely translate. Wow, what a tangent. 

Science Communication is not a rubber stamp. Dissemination of findings needs to occur across many mediums in many translations. Help Abstracts 2.0 be one of those. Thanks again for all the support so far.

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