News Flash: Cook Your Chicken (like you have been)

I personally have a Google News section for “Bacteria”. I was shocked by the headlines I have read today:

After being told for years not to eat raw chicken, yet again, we are reminded why.
After being told for years not to eat raw chicken, yet again, we are reminded why.

How is this news? We have a general understanding around our house, “Raw chicken is the dirtiest thing you can bring into the house”. Even my four year old knows this. Through many years of research, countless studies have shown the quick adaptability of bacterial species to the over use of antibiotics. This has rendered most common drug treatments for bacterial infection useless.

However, bacteria have NOT adapted ability to resist some common treatments like alcohol, bleach, UV radiation, and heat. *I do not recommend cleaning tomorrow night’s chicken with alcohol or bleach*. I personally would go with heat. So, please, next time you want to make a chicken dinner, be safe and cook it as recommended.

3 Replies to “News Flash: Cook Your Chicken (like you have been)”

  1. Years ago I tried to convince some of the PETA activists that the single move they could make to better animals lives and that would totally transform agribusiness would be to ban giving antibiotics to healthy animals. It is a serious battle because, as I found out, one of the reasons agribusiness feeds antibiotics to meat animals is that they retain water (probably from inflammation from unfriendly bacteria re: your last post) and so weigh more at slaughter time. Personally, I suspect that the $$ spent on antibiotics cancels the $$ from water retention, unless you have stock in pharmaceuticals…
    However, if producers stopped feeding antibiotics to chickens and other livestock, they would have to treat them humanely so they didn’t get sick from overcrowding. lack of exercise, and filth. The animals would be cleaner and healthier, AND there would not be colonies of antibiotic resistant bacteria… which would be so much better for us, the consumer. Sadly PETA did not find that romantic or exciting enough to act on…

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