An Inside Look At The Science Of Eating Grass

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Dinner Table Science

Cows are cool.  And here is why.

They’re not especially smart, or amazingly athletic, nor are they formidable predators or experts of camouflage.  Their main survival tactic is to be large and to move in groups.  But what’s really cool about cows, is that they are ruminants.

ruminant is a mammal that eats only plants (an herbivore) and manages to get enough nutrients out of these plants by digesting them multiple times.

This in in contrast to animals like, for example, humans.  Humans are monogastric, and have one, single chambered stomach.  Our digestive system is basically a one-way pipe: food goes in one end, is digested along the way while we absorb the nutrients, and then the waste exits the other end.

However, cows (and other ruminants like goats, sheep, camels, and giraffes) eat only grass, and they need to work a lot harder than a 1-stomach system…

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