Double Productivity Without Knowing It

Lucas is my hero. I had to reblog this. Keep up the good work!

Level Up Health


All is a matter of perspective. As I was going about my rainy drizzly day, I realise my slacking off yesterday was much noticeable today. My lack of eating and sleep was really felt this training session. It is never a good thing to go to bed hungry, if you are going to train the next day. I barely had enough energy to muscle my way through the swim and had to use a lot of mind power to push myself through the session. We must remember that eating and resting is also part of our training, so we need to incorporate discipline for eating and resting too.

This bad day was beating down on me with the pain as I struggled to pull myself through the exercise, but I continued repeating my mantra. If we repeat something enough times, believe in it, and work on it, it has…

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