Infographic: You vs. Your Microbiome

infographic, microbiome

A simple illustration of what your genome is up against. This is a representation of the proportion of your DNA (in red) in relation to the 10,000 or so bacteria that live in or on you (in black). If you are keeping score, the microbes win 100 to 1.

14 Replies to “Infographic: You vs. Your Microbiome”

  1. Cool idea – thanks for sharing the graphic. But I’m a little confused about exactly what is quantified proportionally ehre. Is it total genetic material in all my cells vs total genetic material in all bacterial cells in my personal microbiome? Also, is there a comparable figure that compares my biomass to my personal microbiome’s biomass?

      1. Sorry to be nitpicky, but I’d really like to point out this infographic to other interested folks and I need to be able to accurately describe what it depicts. Is it bacterial cells: human cells or bacterial DNA: human DNA? Those ratios cannot both be 10:1 if the amount of DNA per human cell is on average ~100 times larger than the amount of DNA per bacterial cell.

      2. In regards to cells: bacteria outnumber human 10:1 (not depicted here). In regards to DNA: depicted here is the ratio of bacteria genes to human genes, 100:1. Hope this makes sense.

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