Just spreading the word of equality in science. Girls rule! (ask my 4 yr old daughter)…


It’s a bird!   It’s a plane!  No, it’s …. Hello Kitty?? 

I recently enjoyed reading about a 12 year old girl who shot a Hello Kitty doll into the earth’s stratosphere.  Lauren Rojos, a  7th grader from Antioch, California took a science project literally to greater heights.  Through the use of equipment from High Altitude Science, Lauren and her father put Hello Kitty on a weather balloon to test the temperature and air pressure. 

The rocket-shaped contraption reached heights up to 93,625 feet (17.73 miles), where the balloon popped – and Hello Kitty fell from the sky landing 47 miles away. 

With an experiment that alludes to the adventures of Curious George or Space Buddies, the project encompasses all what is possible in engaging youth in science and technology.   What girl wouldn’t want her doll to enjoy the ride of a lifetime?

Many studies have demonstrated that girls lose…

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