Beautiful post. A definite must read for science communicators everywhere.


It’s a daunting time to be a professional science writer. Science, it seems, is working too well. As Carl Zimmer told an auditorium full of science graduate students, “It’s hopeless to cover it all, and it’s only getting worse.”

Or as an exasperated Ed Yong put it:


This point in the history of science represents an embarrassment of riches – exciting discoveries are made every day, but there aren’t enough people to take scientific reports and craft them into stories that non-scientists understand and actually want to read. As Zimmer told those of us gathered in the auditorium of Yale’s Peabody Natural History Museum, “Let’s not restrict the wealth to this room.”

There is, in fact, a world outside of our departments, and there’s a lot at stake out there.

Nearly half of Americans believe that humans were created in their present form by God within the past 10,000 years…

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