When hairstyle trumps policy

I decided to go into the office while the Inauguration was taking place. I will catch the speech on the internet this week. I’ve heard good things about President Obama’s speech and the wording he used (finally) on climate change. However, the most (in quantity) buzz was about the First Lady’s new hairstyle sporting bangs. I adore the First Couple. I think they have taken the spotlight in stride and I expect big things in the second term. It is just troubling to think a considerable amount of press is coming from a change in hairstyle by Mrs. Obama. I must admit, it did make The Daily Show and Colbert Report fun to watch. I dream of the day when substance will garner more ratings than discussing the change in appearance of a public official (or their spouse). My only hope the new twitter account and bangs are just the first step in promoting more grand ideas to make the country better. You have to love a good bait and switch.


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