Accepting The Facts About #ClimateChange – Business Insider #Science « Taking Science to the People

Accepting The Facts About #ClimateChange – Business Insider #Science « Taking Science to the People

I wanted to say a few words about this article. I thought David Wogan did a great job. A very level-headed approach. Maybe this is more along the lines of what needs to done going forward in the discussion about climate change. Looking back at the rise of climate change skepticism which paralleled the financial collapse of our financial institutions. The infusion of money from moguls like the Koch brothers (example:Heartland Institute) as well as the PR campaign by ExxonMobil to make climate change synonymous with more/bigger government made the ability of Congress to act impossible. The Senate was able to pass a Carbon Tax bill just before the Fourth of July Holiday Break of Congress with the House scheduled to vote on it after the break. However, this allowed House members to hear from very vocal constituents that had been fleeced by biased skeptics. It was game over for any action on climate change. Once again, the 1% got their way; using the power of persuasion via a well-oiled money machine. If the public could understand the clear consensus among scientists (the people who actually know what is going on) and the origin of denial, then much needed action could begin to occur. As posted earlier, a recent report from the National Science Board’s Science and Engineering Indicators 2o12, an internet survey of respondent scientists showed 84% thought climate change was due to human activity while only 49% of the general public thought the same while another 36% believed the earth was warming by natural causes (10% of scientists responded the same). So, looking at the numbers, 94% of responding scientists believe in climate change and 85% of the general public. The bottom line is that we as scientists have done a poor job communicating the consensus in our community to the general public. Hopefully, this article can be a start to a new revolution.

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