Reblogging so hopefully, my daughter will read this, too. Great post!

Aimee Patton

Dear Amelia,

I know you are only six, but I feel like someday you might read this.  After you stop rolling your eyes about my political posts, hopefully you will find this post.  I want to tell you honestly how it feels to stand up for something you believe in.

I know there probably have been a lot of people, myself included, that have told you that standing up for what is right always feels great.  You will feel great, you will influence people around you and they will feel great – everyone around you will rally with you and all will leave feeling so amazing that you all did the right thing in voicing what you felt was wrong, unjust or unfair.

Sometimes that’s correct and you will get a lot of support from those around you.

However, here is the honest truth – it doesn’t always feel great…

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