The first LHC protons run ends with new milestone

I am a physics admirer. I wish I were smart enough to go into physics. Even though I’m not a physicist, I understood the premise of LHC from the get go. However, do you recall in 2008 the court injunction to stop the collider from powering up? Some of the public thought smashing protons at that energy would create black holes (low velocity micro black holes to be exact) that would swallow the planet. Researchers at CERN even received death threats. It took public support for safety reviews by both the Executive Committee of the Division of Particles and Fields (DPF) of the American Physical Society (APS) and the Committee for Elementary Particle Physics (KET) before the hysteria settle enough to proceed. 

Does the above scenario sound similar to the upcoming doomsday, aka Friday December 21, 2012? (Great article about Dr. David Morrison of NASA and the end of the Mayan calendar cycle)

You would think with each senseless myth being debunked by logic and science, the masses would begin to understand that scientists and engineers 1) know what they are talking about and 2) would be the first to let everyone know that something bad was going to happen (ie climate change 20 years and counting).

The first LHC protons run ends with new milestone.


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